The government debate on acquired brain injury (ABI) took place at the House of Commons on Monday 18 June. It was seen as a watershed moment in what is now, a crisis of support for those affected by ABI. 


The house heard impassioned speeches from MPs from all parties expressing their support for the issues associated with ABI. Powerful and moving accounts and experiences of MPs and their constituents. were heard.

The ABI Alliance have been calling for more action to be taken to ensure Rehabilitation Prescriptions are more effective for patients so we were delighted the issue was raised during the debate and the need for Major Trauma Centres.


The overall message was clear it is an invisible epidemic in urgent need of political action to address the variation in care and support for those dealing with the devastating impact of ABI.  This covers treatment, support. welfare and education as well as criminal offending.   


A coordinated task force was proposed to deal with the impact of this crisis, as a tangible way forward to resolving the issues raised by the debate.  So much is needed to be done and this is just the start, so we are grateful to all the MPs involved, as well as everyone calling on their political representatives to attend. 


This is clearly a watershed moment for efforts to secure more support at every level for those affected by ABI such as funding and research. 


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